• 11-13 February 2020
  • Palais des Festivals

Esports conferences & events programme, produced by Hurrah

One Galaxy at a time: navigating the esports universe

With so many players now involved in esports: teams, sponsors, regulations, media, brands, players, tournaments, endemics and non-endemics…, Esports BAR has the ambition to address all segments, provide you with the best insights with esports conferences and to be the most productive esports business event.

Next February, Esports BAR will host the first esports conference organised by genre and title: approaching esports from the outside and growing it from the inside, by seeing esports as a universe, with specific galaxies to tackle one at a time for more in-depth content on esports trends.

This year’s esports conference is the opportunity for all, esports companies and non-endemic ones to find their way through the esports industry namely its galaxies: from games with a title-by-title approach to a more practical one embracing all possible links to the esports business; and in the end reaching the best point of impact.

For all attendees, VIP or Delegates, Exhibitors or Journalists, during 3 days, from 11-13 February 2020, at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, Esports BAR gives the opportunity to enter the esports ecosystem and develop one’s expertise through its esports conferences.

Top esports conferences to do business

Investing Programme Galaxy:

The right investments can leave a lasting impact on the esports industry. What exactly are investors looking for though? To learn more, attend our exclusive esports session called  "How investors pick & ban?" on Wednesday, 12, February from 12 to 13pm. After a brief introduction by attending investors, start-ups will be invited to pitch about their business interests.

Sim Racing Galaxy:

Traditional racing is playing a major role in the development of sim racing esports. For more insights on this galaxy, race over to our esports conference called "Sports vs Esports Marketing: from the track to the screen, lessons from Sim Racing" on Thursday, 13, February from 9:30am to 10am.

2020 esports focus: what is the future of esports?

The sports perspective business insight: How do you take iconic football brands to the esports universe?

Dominik Hilpisch-Hahn, Bundesliga International's Head of Licensing & eSports will be sharing his knowledge during  "The sports perspective" esports conference on February, 12, 2020 at 5pm.

Stay tuned for further announcement!

3 years in how LION Cereals built a vibrant pride within League of Legends

Alban Dechelotte, Head of Sponsorship & Business Development Esport Europe at Riot Games and Bérangère Chalvon Demersay Associate Marketing Manager at CPW will have an exclusive fireside chat during Esports BAR Cannes. During this intimate conversation they will look at their 3  years of successful partnership. Attend this esports conference on Wednesday, 12, February and learn how mythics brands develop fruitful business within the esports industry!

2020 Round-tables Session

How to work with publishers?

François-Xavier Deniele, EMEA Esports Director at Ubisoft is the first expert announced for our round-tables session. Dive deep into the games' eco-systems, lead by none other than their publishers, by attending this esports discussion on Tuesday, 11, February from 14:30pm to 15:30pm.

More esports leaders to be announced soon!

2020 Mentoring Programme

Anna Baumann, Managing Director and General Counsel of Rogue Sports EU to mentor at Cannes!

Expert about all legal subjects regarding esports, Anna Baumann is devoted to esports. She will bring her knowledge on esports organisations during the mentoring sessions planned at Esports BAR 2020.

More esports coaching sessions to be announced soon!

Esports Events: The Game Shakers Awards, 11 February during Esports BAR Cannes!

The Game Shakers Awards: Introducing Tony Parker as Ambassador and NaDeSHoT as Shaker of the Year!


Tony Parker has been officially announced as the Game Shakers Awards' Ambassador of the esports event: "Esports is a world that fascinated me(…). I wanted to invest as an entrepreneur. Then with Stephan and the Academy, we saw the opportunity to coach the best players on a global level".



In the meantime, 100Thieves CEO Matthew “NaDeSHoT” Haag will be honoured as the Esports Shaker of the Year next 11 February, in Cannes during Esports BAR Cannes.

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