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Esports BAR Cannes 2021 Key highlights

What Traditional Media & Esports can learn from each other

Claire Hungate, an internationally recognised expert in the Entertainment & Media space, explores the evolution of the entertainment scene combining her learnings from the world of TV to the esports ecosystem. Her speech is followed by a Q&A with Anna ROZWANDOWICZ, CEO & co-founder of the Story Mob and Shaker of the Year of the 2021 Games Shakers Awards!

Case Study: KITKAT in Esports & Gaming

KitKat and Riot Games' collaboration has grown into one of the most major non-endemic collaborations in #esports thanks to the help the esports agency build a rocket - Esports agency and sports marketer SPORTFIVE. Discover how Esports’ rapid rise provided an ideal opportunity to revitalize the brand’s perception of KitKat and remain relevant for younger generations.

Viewership trends 2021 & what to expect for 2022

The pandemic has certainly accelerated the growth of the live-streaming audience, but once it subsides what can we expect? Will audience growth rates return progressively to their ‘natural’ levels? Will the rise of mobile esports impact viewership and audiences? Which markets will see the fastest growth in esports audiences?

New 2022 programme coming soon!

The Esports BAR conference programme features an incredible lineup of 50+ A-list esports leaders and exciting networking events that inform and inspire. We are focused around 5 pillars : monetisation, innovation, investment, audiences & society. Crack the esports industry with cutting-edge market analysis, content trends and insights.

Our content pillars: the heart of our Esports BAR conference programme

The esports industry keeps on growing, fast; and innovation has the power to drive esports mainstream, to make the industry bigger and better than ever. How can esports lead the entertainment industry in terms of innovation?

As a brand, how can you make the most out of esports? What commercial opportunities do esports offer? How are brands monetising their activities? How can agencies help to activate brand image in the esports industry?

What are the key factors in esports investment? How do different regions around the globe address investing in the esports market? Is there a winning model for esports investment? How is the industry viewed by VC (venture capitalists)?

Thanks to its naturally digital devotees, the rapidly growing and evolving esports sector is one of the most influential elements in the future of the relationship between consumers and digital technology and traditional media. Esports leagues also have had to adapt in a way that emphasises their digital-first nature. What are the challenges?

The esports industry has a responsibility to create content to help gamers looking to have a positive social impact on their communities. It is about working with audiences to address issues including mental health, gender inequality, lack of diversity and bullying. This comes also at a time when the worlds of esports and education are coming together.

Don’t miss Esports Business Arena series, insightful online panels on esports trends

The sessions that make up each series take place online, with renowned experts sharing their experience, knowledge and expertise.  The sessions cover topics not only to match your business needs but also to help you understand the esports industry.

Watch the sessions for free, on our social media channels, to learn more about the latest esports industry trends and news.

Key Safety Measures & Access Conditions

We look forward to welcoming everyone to Esports BAR Cannes, where we are committed to providing you with the safest possible exhibition and conference environment. Per application of the sanitary regulations, to access the show, participants must provide a valid sanitary pass (for further info, please read our detailed information).

We are working with our colleagues at RX (Reed Exhibitions), French national and host city authorities and specialist medical advisors to build a coherent and consistent programme of advanced measures to ensure Esports BAR Cannes has health and safety measures as its number one priority.

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