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Find on this page all the key information to optimise your networking experience at Esports BAR Cannes: the key steps for the 1to1 agenda generations for VIPs, the instructions to optimise your profile and those of your company... Check out our tutorials and be 100% ready for Esports BAR Cannes!

Steps & Keys Dates

Step 1 : Complete your Profile

From February 15 to March 21 for VIPs

Step 2 : Do your preferences

From March 9 to March 21 for VIPs

Step 3 : Get your Meetings Agenda

March 28

Step 4 : Start Open Networking

March 28

Complete your profile (VIPs only)

From February 15 to March 21

This is the Milestone of our pre-scheduled Matchmaking Platform. Tell us who you are and what you are looking for while attending.  Make sure to stand out by maximizing the appeal and depth of your profile. Specify your company activity, your company's involvement in Esports, reason why you come at Esports BAR etc. Save your changes and move on to the Preference Phase.


Do your preferences (VIPs Only)

From March 9 to March 21

Select who you want to meet! All attending VIPs to the 1-to-1 pre-scheduled matchmaking are now asked to identify the type of profiles they'd like to meet most according to their business objectives.

Classify the contacts you wish to meet. 3 options available:

  • Must Meet --> Attendees you want to meet most.
  • Meet --> Attendees you want to meet.
  • No Thanks --> Attendees you already know, or you don't want to meet.
  • Your pre-schedule agenda will be delivered before the Open Networking phase.

Get your pre-scheduled meetings Agenda (VIPs only)

Two phases to match with your objectives

Our AI-Powered Matchmaking Platform will create your agenda based on your profile, mutual preferences, business interests, and your behavior on the platform. Our dedicated team will check each agenda making sure business meetings are relevant for all VIPs. Move on to Open Networking Phase and add additional meetings to your Agenda.

Start Open Networking

From March 28

Browse through all the attending delegates, filter by criteria, express interest, and request additional meetings. Make sure your profile is up to date.

You can Request a meeting, Show Interest or Skip on each Profile. As you make your choices, our platform will analyse your preferences in order to provide more profile recommendations.

Manage Your Company Page

Exclusive feature available to all participants

Esports BAR provides a company page profile on its digital platform for each company attending Esports BAR Cannes. It is a critical component of the platform that allows you to highlight your business to all the attendees for a highly-targeted networking experience.

Each attendee will have to manage its company page & fill out its profile through the feature 'Teams'. Learn how to access & manage it in our guide below! 

Best practices for an optimal experience

My Schedule

Upon reception of your pre-scheduled agenda, make sure to secure time slots on your own schedule. All your meetings are available on the platform, section: "My schedule".

If for any unexpected reason, you must cancel or reschedule a meeting, always inform your potential partner.

Plan your meetings

Plan your meetings.

Make sure you have carefully read the profile of your meeting partners and have the content you want to show ready.

Keep in mind key questions you want to ask – and if applies – have your pitch ready.

Share your screen

Get ready.

Prepare in a dedicated folder on your desktop all the documents, videos, audios and presentations you’d like to show.

While on your meeting you'll be able to click on the option "share my screen" to start your presentation.

Suggested Browser

For the best experience, we recommend to use Google Chrome as your default browser. If you are experiencing any problems within the platform, the first thing to do is to close and re-start.

Otherwise the entire Esports BAR team is here to help you through. Drop us an e-mail at


Be punctual and if you need more time or need to reschedule, arrange directly with your partner.

Please note that the digital extension focus APAC on October 20-22 will happen Singapore time zone, thus don't forget to manage your availabilities in your meeting schedule

Internet Connection

Make sure you have a good internet connection.

Wired connection, if available, is the best option.

A good wi-fi connection will do otherwise.


Control your environment. Make sure your PC Camera is working, room light is sufficient and that you will not be interrupted during your meeting by ambient noise.

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